Property management is a specialised field which takes specific knowledge and years of experience to master. At Laming Property we have done just that, with enthusiasm.

Finding a tenant can be a complex and time consuming task, but the team at Laming will match your property with suitable and trustworthy tenants. Laming Property thoroughly screens all our prospective tenants ensuring we find a reputable tenant who satisfies all of your expectations swiftly, making sure your property is generating income as fast as possible.

This can be done in close contact with you, so you can oversee the process and feel comfortable that your rights as a property owner are protected as an agreement is signed. Or, if you’re an international or busy owner, and you wish for us to handle every detail, you can rest assured your agent will always be acting in your best interests.

Once a tenant is in place, Laming will manage all aspects of the relationship, including rental payments, regular inspections, maintenance and repairs of your property; using the latest technology and systems. Our experience in dealing with one-to-one relationships, our tenancy regulations and managerial knowledge and our commitment to perfection, ensure your property can deliver you the highest possible investment returns.